Owens Car Detailing Donaghadee

If you are on the look out for a professional car wash or valet service, Owens Car Detailing brings you a mobile vehicle detailing service in Donaghadee or anywhere in the North Down or greater Belfast area. An extraordinary valet service brought direct to you as well as other services including paint renovation and multi-surface protection.

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About Owen

Owens Car Detailing Donaghadee

Owen started detailing back in 2006 after purchasing his first car. Keeping his car washed, cleansed and protected turned into a hobby with friends and family asking for the same treatment. Keen to learn the trade, Owen met up with professional detailers, studied online tutorials and attended various workshops giving him the knowledge and experience that shows in all his work.

Owens Car Detailing Donaghadee
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Donaghadee Car Detailing Packages

Services include professional car wash & valeting, stain / odour removal, paint renovation and multi-surface protection. Owen always practices safe washes keeping to clean wash mitts/towels, two buckets with grit guards, separate brushes for wheels and the wheel wells. Professional branded products regularly used include: Angelwax, Autoglym, Autosmart, Elite car care products, Glimermann & Rupes.


Wash & Dry

Citrus pre-wash, shampoo, towel dry, exterior windows treated, tyres dressed

(Duration 10mins)


Maintenance wash

Citrus pre-wash, iron fallout remover, shampoo, tar remover, towel dry, quick detailer applied.

(Duration 1hr)

£35.00 – £45.00

Premium valet

Citrus pre-wash, Wash & Dry, interior vacuumed and brushed, all plastics cleaned & dressed, interior & exterior windows treated.

(Duration 2hrs)


Protection Detail

Maintenance wash, hand polish, choice of wax or sealant applied.

(Duration 3hrs)


Reflection Detail

Maintenance wash, multi stage machine polished cut and refined, choice of wax or sealant application.

(Duration 2 days)

Additional Services

Additional exterior services include: Engine clean and dress, headlight restoration, glass polished and sealed. Additional interior services include: Steam clean, wet vacuum, permanent odour removal.
Full Price List

Full Range of Services

Safe wash
20mins – £10 small, £12 medium, £15+ large
Citrus pre-wash
3 bucket safe wash
Towel dry
Tyres Dressed
Windows cleaned

Premium Valet
2 hours – from £40
Safe wash
interior hoovered, cleaned and dressed

Maintenance wash (recommended for new clients)
45mins – £30
Citrus pre-wash
Iron fallout
Safe wash
Tar remover
Quick detailer

Protection detail
3 hours – £120
Maintenance wash
Hand polish
Wax or sealant applied

Reflection detail
48 hours – from £150
Maintenance wash
Paintwork cut and refined
Wax and sealant applied

Ceramic coating (up to 5 years protection)
48 hours – £399
Maintenance wash
Paintwork cut and refined
Ceramic coating applied

Other services available (POA)
Permanent  odour removal
Headlight restoration
Engine cleaned and dressed

Before any paintwork correction, Owen will inspect the bodywork and advise on the level of work needed. We can call out anywhere in the North Down and greater Belfast area but will rely on good workspace, water and electric. Owen supports local businesses when stocking up on wash mitts, microfiber cloths, brushes, polishing pads, chemicals, waxes and sealants.

What People are Saying

“Very Professional”

“Delighted with Owen’s workmanship. Very professional. Great job. Thanks Owen”

Maureen Trousdale

“The highest standard”

“Owen has worked on all my family’s cars and it’s to the highest standard. Could not recommend him more “

Eric Layard Jnr

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Car Detailing Donaghadee

For a professional Car wash, valet and Detailing service in Donaghadee look no further than Owens Detailing.

Owen brings you a complete car care solution package, incorporating everything from a basic car washing and protection through to ongoing maintenance. Get in touch today for all your Car detailing requirements in Donaghadee, Bangor, Newtownards and throughout North Down and Belfast.

Car Detailing Donaghadee